Sunday, August 5, 2007

You just keep thinkin' Butch. That's what you're good at. (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid)

Movie quote from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Just watched it and I loved it, a really cool western movie with Paul Newman and Robert Redford, really funny-- you guys should watch it. Anyways, moving on to the actual point of the post. This is the Sunday post on cute things I found during the week as well as some of the best dressed. Enjoy!

Week's Clothing Obesession:

Royal Dress, $68, at urban outfitters
Ahh love this dress! The color is gorgeous but I love the loose, twirly cut. For some reason or another I've really been getting into silk clothes lately...

Week's Accessory Addiction:

Coral Baby Ring Necklace by Maya Brenner, $125, at maya brenner
Really pretty and simple necklace, I am practically obsessed with circles on jewelry so this fits the bill perfectly.

Week's Shoe Must Have:

Pin Ballet Flat by Belle by Sigerson Morrison, $270, at shopbop
Oh my goodness, love this flat TO DEATH, I am not even kidding. I love the gold detailing on it, and not to mention, it is a gorgeous color.

Week's Beauty Buy:

Frédéric Fekkai Summer Hair, $20, at
I actually purchased this at the beginning of summer and it is amazing. It works so well on hair that spends time outside (think tennis) and it also protects from UV rays so if you have highlights (I don't) then this is the perfect thing for you. But it's just a really good cream nonetheless.

Week's Best Photo:

Gemma Ward

Week's Best Dressed:
First Place:

Michelle Pfeiffer in Lanvin

Honorable Mentions:

Gwyneth Paltrow in Zac Posen

Angie Harmon in Jay Godfrey

Ashley Olsen
The scarf, the cropped jeans, the SHOES!

Rachel Bilson in Alexander Wang
Seriously, only she can look so good in pleated shorts.



fashionista said...

i looove that dress! and michelle pfeiffer looks AMAZING.

fashionista said...

and gemma is absolutely adorable.

Mrs Fashion said...

Three things:
1) Glad you're back
2) I want the Sigerson Morrison flats
3) How come the Olsens are sooooo cool?
Mrs F x

The Redheaded Bandit said...

great post!!!!! the gemma ward picture is cool!
i know what you mean about school. i wake up at 5:30 am to drive to school, and i'm still on CA time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

miss fashion said...

i love that urban outfitters dress- and the necklace!
mm- michelle pfeiffer loks amazing for her age!
and that dress is amazing!

Moose on the Loose said...

OK, I am just dying to get my hands on those seigerson morrisson flats and that lovely silk dress!!!!!
And Asheley's shoes are TO DIE FOR!!!!

Emma said...

That neclace is sexilicious.

Carolina Lange said...

I'm in love with the Sigerson Morrison flats!
Michelle Pfeiffer looks amazing with that dress!
And I love Ashley's shoes!

Anonymous said...

rachel is rockin' the pleated shorts but please - enough with the unflattering fashion comebacks.

Tru said...

lovley posy but angie looks awful is that blue number in my opinion

sara said...

Welcome back girl!

the color on the Royal Dress is amazing and Gemma Word looks so great.

x sara o

thanks for the jumper advice.

alexgirl said...

I love those sigerson morrison flats. So cute. I need new flats really badly.
Wow, Michelle Pheifer is looking so great these days. She totally fell of the planet, but now she's back! Yay!
Oh, and I love Butch & Sundance. I should rent that again, thanks for the reminder!

hannah said...

i adore that dress! oh goodness, i might have to get it! excellent choice.

Gloria said...

whoa, didn't recognize gemma for a second!

don't think bilson really rocks the pleated shorts though

Anonymous said...

that urban outfitters dress is lovely! i love it. love the colour

Aisha said...

That dress is sooo cute, I love it too.

I loove Rachel's style and she looks good in almost everything. And yes, she's the only one who can wear pleated shorts and, in my opinion, one of the few who looks pretty in high waisted trousers/jeans. Also MK Olsen looks pretty in them (=, i guess it is because they're petit (:


coco said...

ahley olsen and rachel bilson were my faves of the week i think
and i adore that purple dress at the top
so stunning

Moose on the Loose said...

Hey guess what? I'm off of my blogging hiatus, and now I'm posting again. Come and visit because I miss you!

The Stiletto Effect said...

hi there!!! :D
great week obsessions (love the dress in the first pic).
I also like Ashley Olsen's shoes hehe

alexgirl said...

Hey, want to trade links?

fashionistakay said...

Michelle Pfeiffer is defintely a stylish person. She's also really beautiful!
p.s. check out my latest post

-S said...

omfg. i love love love butch cassidy and the sundance kid. hands down, best. movie. ever.

Anonymous said...

shoes are to die for!

rachel bilson looks so cute :)

Emily ♥ said...

I really like the dresses.
Rachel & Ashley's casual looks are very nice, too.

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

god i love the dress and those Pin Ballet Flat by Belle by Sigerson Morrison shoes

Shewriteswithphotography said...

Great blog! And Ashley's casual look is very nice!

Candid Cool said...

Michelle Pfeiffer is fabulous

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