Monday, May 28, 2007

Tory has done it again...

OK sorry about the post- exams are this week for me so I made this post in about 10 minutes. I was a little rushed :-)

So as if Tory Burch's line couldn't get any better, she comes out with a new ballet flat. It totally resembles the Chanel ones and I absolutely love it! Thoughts?

Patent Serena Ballet Flat by Tory Burch $225
She made one with a tan body and a silver toe but I like this color combination way better because I think it's more classic and elegant.

And here is a similar pair from Chanel (just ignore the boot thingy)... they are absolutely adorable (and I want them really badly) but truthfully, I much prefer the Tory Burch one.

Finally- here is an article from Teen Vogue this month about Chanel flats, if you have it, read this article because I never knew that the toe cap thins and lengthens your legs. It kind of makes me want to buy the Tory Burch pair. :-)

And here are just a few cute things I found online the other day:

Dylan Dress by Diane Von Furstenberg $265
I just love this dress! the bodice, the color, and it is by DVF

Magnolia Square Top by Ella Moss $171
Just love everything about this one...


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

GOSSIP GIRL + The A-List + a lot of other ramblings

The first book in the Gossip Girl series

The cast of the Gossip Girl TV show in all their glory.

You guys must watch this clip! It looks so dramatic!

So I totally know that this is nothing fashion-reated but I'm not sure if I've been off the planet lately or whatever but I just found out that there is a TV show based on the series Gossip Girl!! Oh my god I am so excited! I love the series= amazing. Not to mention that this series will finally put a face(s) to the characters in the books because on the covers, there are people (I'm guessing models) but their eyes are never captured so you are kind of seeing half of a face...mysterious don't you think?? But anyway...if you haven't read the books you need to- they are so good!

And I will admit that the titles alone are just like begging you to read the books! Seriously- who isn't going to be interested in a book titled "You Know You Love Me" or "Nobody Does It Better"?

Ok so those were just a few of my favs but look out for the show which is coming SEPTEMBER 1ST on the CW!!!! (well sep. 1 was the last date I heard but that is so soon!!!)

And here are some other pictures that I thought were kind of cool...

Ok so Blair (Leighton Meester) looks wayyyy better in this picture than she did for the promo shots below. I mean now she looks a lot more like the Blair I imagined.

It's really stupid but I thought that just for fun I would create an outfit for each of the main characters just to represent their personality and all. I really based the clothes on their budgets in the series so that accounts for all the WAY overpriced clothes/shoes/bags that Serena and Blair will be wearing...hope you like it!

Blake Lively as Serena van der Woodsen
Cast pretty well but I will admit that it is pretty hard to find a girl who is supposed to be like the hottest girl on the planet, I mean I can kind of get their dilema. But I really liked her in Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants (a movie which almost everyone needs to see just to see it) and I think that she's a really good actress.

If I were Serena I would wear:

Goodworth double-breasted jacket by Burberry $995

Wide Neck Voile Blouse by Chloé $1370

Cigarette leg jeans by JBrand $170

Edith leather shoulder bag by Chloé $1490

Embellished ballet pumps by Miu Miu $550

Leighton Meester as Blair Waldorf
Not exactly how I pictured Blair but I think that she looks way better in the pictures above.

If I were Blair I would wear (nice rhyme huh?):

Tweed Fitted Jacket by Marc Jacobs $2900

Athe Cap Sleeve Top by Vanessa Bruno $372

Chiffon mini skirt by Roberto Cavalli $1550

Black Patent Leather Ballet Flat by Sigerson Morrison $395

Ramona leather tote by Jimmy Choo $1850

Taylor Momsen as Jenny Humphrey
She looks really young in this picture- I think that she may be 13...and doesn't look at all like what I pictured Jenny to look like. I mean what ever happened to the brown hair and like big boobs? I pictured her like the girl on the cover of the It Girl series.

See? Much better.

If I were Jenny, I would wear:

Hopsack Jacket by Rebecca Taylor $284

Belted Tunic by Generra $165

Leggy Sterling Wash Jean by Rich & Skinny $165

Dolce Vita Shine On Hurache $68

Canvas Faridah Bag by Marc by Marc Jacobs $328

Chace Crawford as Nate
Eww I'm sorry but he is not what I expected Nate to look like. Nate was supposed to be hot. I mean this guy just looks like he went to the salon to get his eyebrows done AND hair highlighted. I mean is he bi or something?

Yes well and I couldn't exactly think of a menswear outfit since I am not an expert on mens fashion but for Nate: khakis, 20 year old polos, sperry's... you get the idea.

Just as a side note, my other favorite series, The A-List is apparently coming out in a movie! I looked everywhere online and there is absolutely no information on it but check back because I'll make a post as soon as I hear something about it.

The first book in the A-List series.

Sorry that was such a long and ramblig post!


Thursday, May 17, 2007

"Sporty Chic" Gone Wrong

So this is a really random post (but aren't they always?) but I was looking on shopbop today and I came across these complete disasters... I mean I agree that I like looking sporty and everything but these are just ummm kind of hideous. I can't really decide which is worse- the lace up part with the peep toe and wedge heel or the velcro part with the peep toe and wedge heel. I mean- am I completely crazy that I don't like these? I mean I gues I'm partially biast because I've somehow never really caught onto the whole sporty chic look because I play tennis and I'm training almost all the time so I kind of get sick of the warm up clothes and all that (even though I find really cute ones, but still).

Tanya Sling Back Wedge by Tennies $105

Tracy Lace Up Wedge by Tennies $95

Another thing- one of my friends is trying to find an LBD to wear somewhere and she was about to buy a really expensive one (like the Jill Stuart one) and I convinced her that it really wasn't that different from any one of these others... agree?

Palais Rouge Constance Dress by Jill Stuart $598
So I'll admit that it is a gorgeous dress with a beautiful cut and silhouette. And she is a great designer but in my opinion if you're going to buy something that expensive- blow your money on something that is more unique and not something that you can find for a lot cheaper.

Strapless Dress by Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent $198
A pretty good balance between the two in terms of price and I think that the bodice is really interesting because the fabric kind of crosses over. Also the skirt is made from an awesome material.

Lux Solid Bow Front Tube Dress $48
So maybe a more casual dress but it still achieves the same look. And besides- if you really wanted to dress it up you can go buy a pair of nice heels and a bag to make it more formal.


Saturday, May 12, 2007

Don't Worry About Her

So I know that most of us have heard about Paris Hilton and that she has to go to the slammer for 45 days beginning June 5th (well if you haven't- now you know). And I totally know that this isn't a gossip blog or anything but I just thought I'd do a funny post about the new heiress turned convict. So I really don't think that she's going to have a hard time adjusting to the strictly orange dress code by the looks of this pretty damn cute ensemble:

I actually thinks she wears it pretty well.

See? She has even been prepared for this moment for a long time can't you tell?

but anyways moving on, so I kind of got carried away and thought that I'd include a few orange accessories that can brighten up (haha get it?) her time spent in the slammer this summer.

Angea Dress by Diane von Furstenberg $298
Always need a dress for all those jailtime socials.

Smythson Stationary
I mean how else are you going to be able to communicate with the outside world? Especially your best friend Nicole? without your sidekick? How is that even possible?


Solid Flip Flop by Havaianas $18
I mean- come on Paris you always need a good shower shoe since now you'll have to be sharing with other people (gasp!) !!

Sport Chrono Watch by Toy Watch $225
Always need to keep time.

Bitter Orange Potpourri Boxes by Agraria $175
A nice touch to the jail cell don't you think?

Girls of summer sunglasses by Fred Flare $9
To wash out all the harsh fluorescent light glare.

Lux Polka Dot Tie Top $32
I mean someone has to have chic clothes right? I mean the kind of clothes that are easy to wash because you are after all probably going to have to do your own laundry (gasp!) !!

Moleskine Notebook $15
An absolute must because I mean- how else are you going to be able to write down every thought and feeling for that tell all book that we all know is soon to follow your release?

Sorry guys got a little carried away but whatever. I was just in the mood to do a funny post.

So I was just looking online and I found these cute things...

Cinched Waist Strapless Dress by Splendid $140
So I don't really know why I love this dress so much but it's just so cute. I love the fact that a) it's strapless and b) it has all those cute buttons down it.

Lux Melange Tube Dress $48
Ahh another dress I totally love.

Tie Tank Dress by Karen Zambos Vintage Couture $198

Lux Santorini Dress $58
Ha- Look familiar?

OK enough of my rambling.