Tuesday, May 22, 2007

GOSSIP GIRL + The A-List + a lot of other ramblings

The first book in the Gossip Girl series

The cast of the Gossip Girl TV show in all their glory.

You guys must watch this clip! It looks so dramatic!

So I totally know that this is nothing fashion-reated but I'm not sure if I've been off the planet lately or whatever but I just found out that there is a TV show based on the series Gossip Girl!! Oh my god I am so excited! I love the series= amazing. Not to mention that this series will finally put a face(s) to the characters in the books because on the covers, there are people (I'm guessing models) but their eyes are never captured so you are kind of seeing half of a face...mysterious don't you think?? But anyway...if you haven't read the books you need to- they are so good!

And I will admit that the titles alone are just like begging you to read the books! Seriously- who isn't going to be interested in a book titled "You Know You Love Me" or "Nobody Does It Better"?

Ok so those were just a few of my favs but look out for the show which is coming SEPTEMBER 1ST on the CW!!!! (well sep. 1 was the last date I heard but that is so soon!!!)

And here are some other pictures that I thought were kind of cool...

Ok so Blair (Leighton Meester) looks wayyyy better in this picture than she did for the promo shots below. I mean now she looks a lot more like the Blair I imagined.

It's really stupid but I thought that just for fun I would create an outfit for each of the main characters just to represent their personality and all. I really based the clothes on their budgets in the series so that accounts for all the WAY overpriced clothes/shoes/bags that Serena and Blair will be wearing...hope you like it!

Blake Lively as Serena van der Woodsen
Cast pretty well but I will admit that it is pretty hard to find a girl who is supposed to be like the hottest girl on the planet, I mean I can kind of get their dilema. But I really liked her in Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants (a movie which almost everyone needs to see just to see it) and I think that she's a really good actress.

If I were Serena I would wear:

Goodworth double-breasted jacket by Burberry $995

Wide Neck Voile Blouse by Chloé $1370

Cigarette leg jeans by JBrand $170

Edith leather shoulder bag by Chloé $1490

Embellished ballet pumps by Miu Miu $550

Leighton Meester as Blair Waldorf
Not exactly how I pictured Blair but I think that she looks way better in the pictures above.

If I were Blair I would wear (nice rhyme huh?):

Tweed Fitted Jacket by Marc Jacobs $2900

Athe Cap Sleeve Top by Vanessa Bruno $372

Chiffon mini skirt by Roberto Cavalli $1550

Black Patent Leather Ballet Flat by Sigerson Morrison $395

Ramona leather tote by Jimmy Choo $1850

Taylor Momsen as Jenny Humphrey
She looks really young in this picture- I think that she may be 13...and doesn't look at all like what I pictured Jenny to look like. I mean what ever happened to the brown hair and like big boobs? I pictured her like the girl on the cover of the It Girl series.

See? Much better.

If I were Jenny, I would wear:

Hopsack Jacket by Rebecca Taylor $284

Belted Tunic by Generra $165

Leggy Sterling Wash Jean by Rich & Skinny $165

Dolce Vita Shine On Hurache $68

Canvas Faridah Bag by Marc by Marc Jacobs $328

Chace Crawford as Nate
Eww I'm sorry but he is not what I expected Nate to look like. Nate was supposed to be hot. I mean this guy just looks like he went to the salon to get his eyebrows done AND hair highlighted. I mean is he bi or something?

Yes well and I couldn't exactly think of a menswear outfit since I am not an expert on mens fashion but for Nate: khakis, 20 year old polos, sperry's... you get the idea.

Just as a side note, my other favorite series, The A-List is apparently coming out in a movie! I looked everywhere online and there is absolutely no information on it but check back because I'll make a post as soon as I hear something about it.

The first book in the A-List series.

Sorry that was such a long and ramblig post!



Carolina Lange said...

Great post, love that you created an outfit for main characters! Great pics! Serena's outfit is fantastic, that Burburry jacket and the Chloe bag are amazing!

Tru said...

those miu miu falts are gorgeous nad I sooo want to see that series now

Anonymous said...

omfg! thank you for posting on this :) it made my day (really it's been a pretty uneventful day), but seriously this is by far the best chick-lit series ever. i love imagining their glamorous lives with the clothes, apartments, food, parties, vacation spots, and just the fact that it's NYC. and obviously, the characters are fascinating, i've always loved serena and dan the most. the series looks great as far as teen soaps go! and at least they have a good plot to work with rather than josh schwartzs constant jumping the shark storylines...although he does do drama well, with good music and clothes, so it 's def awesome he's on this one!

as far as the casting:

serena- blake is a pretty good match for serena, the best there probably is, considering serena is supposed to be a bombshell. but she definitely has that sympathetic look, which is right

blair- hmm i pictured her with less of a highpitched voice and overall just being a bit taller, but she i can def see her in the role

nate- uh yea he looks like he just stepped out of the polo ad, nate was supposed to be sexy-sailor minus the uberprep attitude. i can't see this guy being a stoner either...hmph

jenny- no no no! she does look like a wannabe, but at the same time she's blonde and too skinny, this girl doesn't seem like she'd be insecure

dan- hmmm true he doesn't look as cleshe hot as nate, he does have that arty vibe, but i pictured dan as much more disturbed and with shaggy longer hair...

chuck- i pictured him as more sauve-looking, but the guy does seem like a real creep, so ill give it to him!

now wheres vanessa!?

an a-list movie! très intéressant! i like it a little less than gossip girl b/c anna is too perfect and la isn't as fascinating as nyc, but at the same time i find the sharpes fascinating, i would get a kick out of seeing dee on screen, and adam sounds super cute

oo good outfits btw! love the shoes...

wow that was long! but hey im excited!

fashionista said...

i started reading the gossip girls but didnt get very far....but i love the a-list!!! so excited!

Mash said...

I Love those books , they re so interesting and funny , i really cannot wait to see them on tv . I was captivated by the first trailer , thank you so much .

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

kl post do u think the series will come out in the uk? i want to read the books aswell x


thanks for the comment<3 and omg i cannot wait for gossip girls! i just watched your trailers on the blog_ and so excited! p.s. love the miu miu flats!

The Redheaded Bandit said...

that sounds like such a fabulous series. i wonder if the local library has it.......

Moose on the Loose said...

That clip of the series looks so much more dramatic than I thought a series on it would be. I love how they just had to advertise all the fergie and justin timberlake playing in the background. But I am so going to tune into the series in SEPTEMBER!!!

-S said...

i am personally very disappointed with gosisp girl. the past few books (since the light pink one) have been crap, and i have yet to read the new one out yet, and i have heard rumors that cecily no longer wrote them after book #8, and now they are ending the series, and i have no idea what to expect from the 'prequel'. and now withthe show coming out, and the characters nothing like i imagined them, i am very perplexed. it better be good, because from the clips i have seen, it looks like crap.

Fashionistakay said...

If you were a stylist you'd rock! Great taste. I can't help but adore those Miu Miu pumps!

coco said...

you have no idea how pleased i am to see this post
it looks amazing
but i am dissapointed with blair
and isnt dan like alex from greys anatomy?
such a great post

Kiera said...

Oh, very cool preview of hte show. Think I'll start watching! Also, great oufits, a lot of different cool pics, especially the red sandals, they're my favorite!


p.s. how do you change your comments on your blog to be what ever you want, like your's is called response. I really don't get how to do that... thanks!

Mrs Fashion said...

Oh, I will have to look out some of the books - they look like great fun! Love the look of The It Girl! Mrs F x

discothequechic said...

You are spot on with the outfit choices. I like the fact you actually related this post to fashion, haha, its a good opportunity to.

My favourite piece is probably Serena's jacket.

Hope they air it in the UK, it looks so fantastic!

S xx

ashley heaton said...

i love the cavalli skirt and miumiu flats...and i am so excited for this show haha.

alexgirl said...

oh my god, that is going to be such eye candy. I love the outfits you picked. I'm definitely not feeling their choice for Blair, but maybe I'll learn to love her. And did u say they're also making an A List movie? That is so crazy. I hope they make my book into a movie some day! hah!
Oh, and I especially love those red Dolce Vita flats. I love Dolce Vita!!

Miss V. said...

WHAT? They're making a TV show out of it? Well Ive never read the series but I just think TV and movies ruin books. Oh well. Love that Marc Jacob blazer, and the guy doesn't look that bad.

hill said...

not the biggest fan of the books, but LOVIN the clothes. way gorgeous!

molly said...

wow thanks so much for posting on this
serena is actually a LOT like a pictured her
but jenny is sooooo far off base like wtf?
nate looks kinda how i pictured him, but NOT HOT
though i didnt picture him being hot

Bella said...

OMG OMG OMG!!I heard the rumor Gossip Girl was going to be a show but I am SERIOUSL SO HAPPY that it is, i cant even type straight hahah but I think Blake Lively for Serena is perfect because Serena's suppossed to be gorgeous and she is, and I just cant contain my excitement thanks for getting the clips you rule <3

VogueStrikeAPose said...

the tv show looks great. something actually worth watching. :]

Cris Lazoru said...

Loved all the Blair stuff! Great post I'm thinking of doing the same but with the boys, what do you think? And I adore your blog, I'm putting you on my link list.


Emma said...

Long and fab post. I hate Gossip Girl on principle, but really I love it.

sara said...

Okay I watched that clip and the series looks, how do I put it? . . .


The outfits are great
cant wait for September 1st
x sara o


is that you in your profile picture, because if it is i love the dress<3

alluretone said...

fdskfds. the a-list is comming out on the big screen?! sorry, but i'm very excited to even hear that, though it may be not true. i thought they did a really bad job of casting serena, i thought she was supposed to be tan, sparkling blue eyes, freckles etc, i think the girl they cast looks a bit old but we'll see. anyways i love the mj tweed jacket and the dolce vita sandals! great finds.

pinup_girl said...

I've read and enjoyed all those books, but a Gossip Girl tv show? I've never heard of it!! Grr. By the way, adapting the characters and choosing outfits was a fantastic idea! Very creative!

Hannah Danger said...

So I would most def wear any of the clothes in this post... great job =]

Izzy said...

I love your blog! so cute and attictive. Do you want to trade links?

sarissa said...

i am sooo freakin' excited about gossip girl! although none of the cast look like how i could imagine them, they all seem perfect!! by the way your blog is GORGEOUS, can we exchange links? sarissa x

The Redheaded Bandit said...

i luv your new blog picture. extremely fabulous.

Jennifer said...

I never read gossip girl, but did you read fearless? I love those books though i quit reading them ages ago.

Anonymous said...


missx said...

Gossip Girl is my guilty pleasure. I've secretly read every single book in the series! I can't wait to see the TV show, it can become my television guilty pleasure. I love reading the books, since I recognize the places they list, which are around my school. Maybe they'll film around my school?! Too good to ever be true.

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