Thursday, May 17, 2007

"Sporty Chic" Gone Wrong

So this is a really random post (but aren't they always?) but I was looking on shopbop today and I came across these complete disasters... I mean I agree that I like looking sporty and everything but these are just ummm kind of hideous. I can't really decide which is worse- the lace up part with the peep toe and wedge heel or the velcro part with the peep toe and wedge heel. I mean- am I completely crazy that I don't like these? I mean I gues I'm partially biast because I've somehow never really caught onto the whole sporty chic look because I play tennis and I'm training almost all the time so I kind of get sick of the warm up clothes and all that (even though I find really cute ones, but still).

Tanya Sling Back Wedge by Tennies $105

Tracy Lace Up Wedge by Tennies $95

Another thing- one of my friends is trying to find an LBD to wear somewhere and she was about to buy a really expensive one (like the Jill Stuart one) and I convinced her that it really wasn't that different from any one of these others... agree?

Palais Rouge Constance Dress by Jill Stuart $598
So I'll admit that it is a gorgeous dress with a beautiful cut and silhouette. And she is a great designer but in my opinion if you're going to buy something that expensive- blow your money on something that is more unique and not something that you can find for a lot cheaper.

Strapless Dress by Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent $198
A pretty good balance between the two in terms of price and I think that the bodice is really interesting because the fabric kind of crosses over. Also the skirt is made from an awesome material.

Lux Solid Bow Front Tube Dress $48
So maybe a more casual dress but it still achieves the same look. And besides- if you really wanted to dress it up you can go buy a pair of nice heels and a bag to make it more formal.



The Redheaded Bandit said...

i totally agree with you. those first shoes are positively hidious ((don't you wonder who buys those). i really like the dress

The Redheaded Bandit said...
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Hannah Danger said...

You got great matches for the dress!

No, dear, you're not crazy, those shoes are just hideous.

And thanks for the compliments on my posty =]

dusk&summer said...

what were the designers thinking? running shoes and high heels are a deadly combination

Fashionyou's Molly said...

Those shoes are GROSS!

Carolina Lange said...

I agree, that dress is not worth spending that much if you can get others like the ones you posted! If she is going to spend a lot, she shoul look for something special, unique!
And about the shoes, don't like them!

fashionista said...

omg...those shoes are atrocious...

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

those shoes are Groross

Mrs Fashion said...

Eww. They're effing minging, as we say in London!
The LBDs are cute though!
Mrs F x

Alison said...

little black dresses... mmm....

I know that sounds lame, but tis true
i love your blog!!!!

Emma said...

your random posts are fab.

discothequechic said...

you know what? I actually quite like the shoes, I think because they're so borderline!


S xx

coco said...

im not that keen on the sporty look
i never have been
i always hated sporty spice and loved posh
clearly that has stuck with me

Eliana said... looks as though discothequechic and I are the only ones who like the wedges you featured...I think they would look really cute with a pair of bermuda shorts or a sundress, but that's just me. Some similar pairs were featured in a sporty shoot from Vogue, but I can't remember who the designer was.

sara said...

Those shoes are horrible.
And I defiantly wouldn't pay $600 for a LBD, I'd get the Lux Solid Front Tube Dress and just play it up with heels and jewelry.
The good thing about the Lux dress is that you could wear it as a casual dress too.

x sara o

Jessorz said...

I definitely agree on both counts. I'm all for sporty chic - but to a point. And those shoes definitely cross the line.

As for the LBD, if you are spending serious cash on one, it better be pretty unique looking. for something that simple, I say cheaper is definitely better.

S. said...

The shoes are simply WRONG. When I see someone wear something like that I think they are either in dire need of guidence or they are mentally unstable.

Cool Like Chloe said...

ew. those shoes are just bad taste on the designers behalf

blushing apples said...

" my opinion if you're going to buy something that expensive- blow your money on something that is more unique and not something that you can find for a lot cheaper." I agree completly with you!!!

blushing apples said...

also thank you for stopping by

alexgirl said...

God, those shoes are horrendous! I will die laughing if i see anyone *actually* wearing them.

Mash said...

You're not crazy , i don't like neither those shoes . I wrote a post about fashion sport and i love the jean paul gaultier's shoes , i think there are curious and intriguing .

Anonymous said...


and i totally agree, honestly most lbds look the same, so why blow your money on a $600 one, i would so much rather get something unique and/or classic- ie chanel quilted bag

your blog is great too :)

i am totally up for link swappage haha

Anonymous said...

ugh on the shoes. I think as shoppers we have got much smarter, awful trends of the past don't seem to be as easy as it was in the past for stores to persuade us into all buying.

I love the twelfth st dress, it's a better design, imo

-S said...

absolutely horrible shoes, but love the dresses

Jessica said...

I like the slightly exaggerated volume in the first LBD and also the pockets in the second one. I think pockets have become such a must recently can help make a large oversize dress look smaller.


the shoes are ugly and the only type of people that can pull them off are the models in teen vogue. honestly. and the black dresses- i totally agree with pricing. im all about cheap dresses- expensive shoes and expensive jewelery. or the other way around :)

This comment has been removed by the author.
MzCoko said...

its not just u.. I have never thought tennis shoes on a heel were a good look... and neither were the workman boots on a stiletto... and those examples were probably.. the worse i've seen

Frasypoo said...

Ugly shoes!!! There are people who wear them !! I' ve seen them around and it gets worse when you see the rest of the outfit! EEEYUUUCKKK !
Nice blog

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