Saturday, May 12, 2007

Don't Worry About Her

So I know that most of us have heard about Paris Hilton and that she has to go to the slammer for 45 days beginning June 5th (well if you haven't- now you know). And I totally know that this isn't a gossip blog or anything but I just thought I'd do a funny post about the new heiress turned convict. So I really don't think that she's going to have a hard time adjusting to the strictly orange dress code by the looks of this pretty damn cute ensemble:

I actually thinks she wears it pretty well.

See? She has even been prepared for this moment for a long time can't you tell?

but anyways moving on, so I kind of got carried away and thought that I'd include a few orange accessories that can brighten up (haha get it?) her time spent in the slammer this summer.

Angea Dress by Diane von Furstenberg $298
Always need a dress for all those jailtime socials.

Smythson Stationary
I mean how else are you going to be able to communicate with the outside world? Especially your best friend Nicole? without your sidekick? How is that even possible?


Solid Flip Flop by Havaianas $18
I mean- come on Paris you always need a good shower shoe since now you'll have to be sharing with other people (gasp!) !!

Sport Chrono Watch by Toy Watch $225
Always need to keep time.

Bitter Orange Potpourri Boxes by Agraria $175
A nice touch to the jail cell don't you think?

Girls of summer sunglasses by Fred Flare $9
To wash out all the harsh fluorescent light glare.

Lux Polka Dot Tie Top $32
I mean someone has to have chic clothes right? I mean the kind of clothes that are easy to wash because you are after all probably going to have to do your own laundry (gasp!) !!

Moleskine Notebook $15
An absolute must because I mean- how else are you going to be able to write down every thought and feeling for that tell all book that we all know is soon to follow your release?

Sorry guys got a little carried away but whatever. I was just in the mood to do a funny post.

So I was just looking online and I found these cute things...

Cinched Waist Strapless Dress by Splendid $140
So I don't really know why I love this dress so much but it's just so cute. I love the fact that a) it's strapless and b) it has all those cute buttons down it.

Lux Melange Tube Dress $48
Ahh another dress I totally love.

Tie Tank Dress by Karen Zambos Vintage Couture $198

Lux Santorini Dress $58
Ha- Look familiar?

OK enough of my rambling.



The Redheaded Bandit said...

funny post.her trial (i am not very good with law terms,so i'm sorry if i'm wrong:) was on my looked very bouncy in that first picture, especially her hair. I loved the dress with the buttons on it, it was different.great post. blog on ciao bella.

Carolina Lange said...

Great pics! That dress by Diane von Furstenberg is so cute! That watch is beautiful! And I love Havainas, I have lots of them in many colors, great for summer!

fashionista said...

i actually adore that first orange dress she's wearing. i dont know why paris is making all these petitions to stop her from getting to jail- jail's hot. if it is officially made hot by paris, it's THE hot place to be! =] she's so stupid....

coco said...

apparently she wont even stay in there long due to 'overcrowding'
i say let someone else out and keep paris in longer

Eliana said...

I'm not really in the know about celebrities and their whereabouts, so until I read this post, I had no clue that Paris was going to be taking her spring vacation in a correctional facility. I think it's kind of funny...people that rich and bitchy should at least have to suffer some consequences...although now that I mention it, I've no clue what she's going away for (haha).
I love the orange Havaianas. I have to admit I've never owned and pair and I'm not so sure as to why. But I guess I will now. I've also been eyeing the Fred Flare sunglasses, although I think I'll go for them in green instead of orange. I absolutely adore both strapless dresses, especially the second. If only the one with the buttons cost a quarter of the price.

Tru said...

that green dress with the flowers is great as is the orange dress and the grey one with the black bow and bubble hem

ambika said...

Ha! Nice orange items--I actually do like that first one you posted but the boots in the 2nd picture are heinous.

Mrs Fashion said...

This post is fabulous! Soooo funny - and orange is my fave colour. Love it!
Mrs F x

Moose on the Loose said...

I love the whole Paris post. It was hilarious. If you ask me, I think she deserves jail. It should do her some good and make her more aware of other people than always focusing on herself. Who knows? It could be a turning point in her life!

Emma said...

FANTASTIC POST, as always. she so deserves to go to jail, how stupid do you have to be to drink and drive? not that i'm against drinking, but she's so rich she could have called a team of flying monkeys to pick her up if she was drunk.
she could have KILLED someone for God's sake.
okay i'm getting all weird and intense.

-S said...

as lame as it sounds, her "jails hot!" t-shirt is bugging me. is the an apostrophy? as from the view, i cannot tell. i really think the "is" should be added in, otherwise, it just looks silly.

Bella said...

OMG!! This post just made me so happy because I have been really into orange lately so I just like spased when I saw it I was like hooray ORANGE!! i am so random :) anyways i love the DVF orange dress, my friend got one like it and I am love with it, its orange and i wish i could wear it too bad we're not the same size :(** anyways that was random also and i loved the orange havianas, arent havianas like the MOST comfiest thing like ever, so now I'm going to go out and buy and orange pair seriously thanks for the inspiration :D!!

This was a really long comment since you left me a REALLY long one too, and I LOVE Bones its so underated but so good, you know? <3

ashley heaton said...

haha, great post!
and i LOVE those orange glasses.

discothequechic said...

haha, did she wear that "Jails Hot!" tee before she was sentenced?

If not she has a great sense of humour (or publicist)-I wouldn't have expected it from her.

Shame she didn't get community service, it seems to be the new rehab!

S xx

Hannah Danger said...

I love this post! All the clothes are gorgeous. And yeah seriosuly I am sick of girls in their i-tired-to-look-carefree-cool-but-endind-up-lloking-slutty ripped jeans. Gag me with a spoon, please.

Paris won't go to jail, you know, she'll bribe her way out of it or something...

L. said...

Hahaha, Paris Hilton is insane. I loved her excuse for driving. She says all the time in interviews that she only 'pretends' to be dumb, but I'm not so sure.

I love the orange top and those Fred Flare sunglasses are hilarious.

PS I'm not entirely sure why Australia shows so late but either it has to do with the seasons or there are a number of other countries fashion weeks in between the 'big' ones and ours that don't really get covered like India, Hong Kong etc.

Hannah Danger said...

Haha Frapps are an addiction, truly. I want one right now....

Calleth said...

Haha, uh poor Paris that's just too much orange :P I love the sunglasses, though! And that green patterned dress is just adorable.

Fashionyou's Molly said...

What coke snorting thing?!? :)
Poor old paris!

Fashionyou's Molly said...

What coke snorting thing?!? :)
Poor old paris!

Anonymous said...

great post!


missx said...

I adore that Splendid dress you posted, I just got this gorgeous black jersey Lotta Stenson dress that looks just like it, except my buttons are large and vintage looking, very art nouveau.

Mash said...

funny post ! you made my day :)is it right what Coco said about the possibility that she won't stay in jail for more than 40 days ? her tee shirt is so funny "jails hot" maybe she had an insight ...but she will need a good watch !

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

ha ha i laughed so much when i heard she had to go to jail she is such an idiot. I think you should send her a list of all the orange clothing for her so she can buy it all before she has to go. i love the Cinched Waist Strapless Dress by Splendid and the Tie Tank Dress by Karen Zambos Vintage Couture. They are so gorgeous xx

Fashionyou's Molly said...

OMG that coke snorting thing is so sad. I mean, come on, get a life! Oh well.. at least she has great style :)

Cris Lazoru said...

Oh I would go to jail for those orange flip flops! Funny post and the non-Paris outfits were to die for.


sara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sara said...

WOW! Good post Girl!! Paris has actually had a few pretty nice orange outfits, including a dress she wore to the Mtv Movie Awards once.

I think if Paris knew she was actually going to jail she might not have worn that t-shirt.
Angea Dress was very cute, and I'm not even a big fan of orange, though I don't think Paris will be wearing much orange after she gets out (she'll have worn it for 45 days straight).
I really like that watch, though If I got it wouldn't choose orange as the back ground.
Oh and she probably will write a book or she'll write one later in her life and include the prison incident (who knows maybe it won't be her only time in jail by that time).
Like you, I also love that Cinched Waist Strapless Dress by Splendid even though I'm not a big fan of strapless, maybe it's because of the buttons (which I love) and the color.
Also love that Lux Melange Tube Dress, such a pretty color, and a pretty goo price.
and You Know maybe this whole pison thing won't be that bad for Paris, she'll have more street cred.
and have a new tough girl rep (yeah, right!)
**long comment
x sara o

CC said...

Jail is not hot. She also tried to write a letter to Arnold...I guess it didn't work though heh :)

Model Citzen said...

this post was awesome! thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm really digging yours.

I'm throwing a paris hilton goes to jail party, will post pics!

rollergirl said...

Great post. You are hilarious!

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