Sunday, June 8, 2008


hello lovelies!! well I have FINALLY returned to the blogging world... I am so terribly sorry it has been this long! and so much has happened in the time I have been gone! but, now that it is SUMMER (sorry for all you who are still in school-- it will come very very soon!) I will have a lot more time to blog (hopefully). but to start things off I will do one of my terribly rambling posts about what I am obsessed with at the moment..

1. this dress by Lux, $58 at urban outfitters
and while we're on the subject of urban outfitters, I am completely in love with these earrings... for $18?? complete bargain considering they are adorable

2. this dress from Forever21... despite my previous encounter with this store(which was horrible by the way)it has surprisingly gotten some cute things for spring/ summer.. and at a MAJOR BARGAIN! this cute thing is $24.80. and yes I admit that the color looks really bright and in your face on the web but it is really pretty in person... 

3. sandals!! just a few random ones that I have sitting in my closet that I have been obsessed with for the past few weeks...

batikk sandal by steve madden $90, at steve madden

Matt Bernson gladiator sandal, $170, at piperlime or matt bernson

Dauphine sandals at JCrew,$88
and to leave you guys with this playlist... interesting combination but it's always playing on my speakers. if you don't already have these songs- buy them asap they're amazing! enjoy <3
You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb- Spoon
I Stand Corrected- Vampire Weekend
All the Pretty Faces- The Killers
15 Step- Radiohead
The Fallen- Franz Ferdinand
Such Great Heights- The Postal Service
Where Does the Good Go- Tegan and Sara
Catch My Disease- Ben Lee
The Great Escape- Patrick Watson
The New Underground- Guster
Company Calls- Office
Henrietta- The Fratellis
Sleeping Lessons- The Shins
Learn to Fly- Carbon Leaf
One Man Wrecking Machine- Guster
No Sunlight- Death Cab for Cutie
Under the Wire- Carbon Leaf
Viva la Vida- Coldplay
Do the Panic- Phantom Planet
Dashboard- Modest Mouse

so I'm heading off on vacation tomorrow and I'll probably be back Sunday so until then bellas!!


Saturday, December 15, 2007

"not so much" part deux/ note to stuart: please get over the pvc

Dear Stuart Weitzman,
I was shopping the other day and in the shoe section I came across these things... 

as well as these...

both of which gave me very bad flashbacks to the ones you designed in the spring (see not so much post) a.k.a. the lucite wedges. now me personally, I'm not fan of the see through look... but I'm not going to lie when I say I hate jellies. And combining the two above said opinions into one shoe is just completely... well... yucky. And I guess you tried to make them better by putting some sequins on them. I don't really think it works.

Truthfully, it just reminds me of some little dress up shoe for cinderella or something that you would buy in the Disney store for $5 not $115 or $120 (yes those are the prices).

So am I the only one who is not a fan of these shoes? Because some of the feeedback on zappos was actually surprisingly complimentary about how comfortable and stylish they are. Opinions please...


Thursday, December 13, 2007

completely and totally random

now you can't just not tell me this isn't one of the best music videos you have ever watched. come on now, seriously. and by one of my all time fave bands... the whitest boy alive. enjoy

look out for a post sometime this weekend!


p.s. liking the new header?