Monday, June 4, 2007

So not cool

Zig Zag Tube Dress by Forever 21 $24.80

And again- for the record, my dress has about half of the amount of stripes as that dress and the yellow is softer and not so bright.

So here's the deal, the other day I went into one of my favorite vintage shops and I saw the most adorable vintage missoni yellow tube dress for $35. I know- pretty sweet. And usually I'm not a hugggge fan of Missoni because sometimes their zigzags give me headaches, but this dress was really tasteful and gorgeous. So of course I bought it. I took it to the drycleaners the other day (I'm kind of anal about that- if I ever buy vintage I usually always take it to the drycleaners... weird I know) and I decided to wear it this afternoon over a tanktop to go shopping. My friend wanted to run into Forever 21 to check out something she saw in the window so I went in with her. And by god if I didn't see my dress hanging there right in the front of the store. I mean, when I got up close and all that mine was way prettier and the colors were nicer but it was practically the same thing anyhow. So I told my friend and we kind of laughed about if for a few minutes and then we decided to leave, well I was walking out of the store and a salesperson came running up and grabbed my arm (ok so I don't know about you guys but I hate it when people just run up to me and just grab me- wherever it is) and she was like panting and she said "YOU HAVE TO PUT THAT DRESS BACK ON ITS HANGER!!!" (and she was screaming at this point). So I just kind of look at her really weirdly for a few seconds before it finally dawned on me, she thought I'd stolen that copy dress! Well I told her that I had gotten this dress at a vintage shop and by god if she didn't believe me, she forced me to come into a dressing room and literally take it off and show her that it wasn't from the store. Ahhh and it took like 20 minutes and everyone in the store was looking at me and stuff. So annoying- especially since I had just gotten it and I was all excited and stuff. Well anyways- sorry for my rambling but I am still a little miffed at the annoying sales lady.

Sorry I wanted to take a pic of my dress and put it up but my camera isn't cooperating.

Ok so anyways- I'm headed off on vacation in the islands for about the next week. So unfortunately- no posting pour moi. But I didn't really feel like making 2 whole posts so I just kind of combined them. At the moment I'm not sure whether I'm going to be able to get internet down there so I'm not sure whether I'm going to be able to reply to comments or anything- sorry but I'll definitely get on it when I get back!

Here are a few of my faves:

Puff Sleeve Henley Dress by Juicy Couture $188

Snakeskin Avignon clutch by JCrew $395
Most definitely NOT going to be buying this one, but I think it is absolutely gorgeous. The silver + snakeskin is absolutely genius (actually everyone is doing that but I just really like the look of this one).

Color Block Dress with Shirring by Clu $165
I don't really know why I like this one so much... but it just catches my eye and it looks so comfy. (and also- isn't Clu the coolest name ever?)

Think Green Tee by Urban Outfitters $28
Yeah I actually really like this tshirt because I'm not a major enviormentalist or anything but I just care about our planet and everything.

Seaside linen-cotton ruffle cover-up by Jcrew $50

Printed Empire Dress by AKA New York $297
Ahhh- I love this one so much. The print is absolutely amazing. It has so many colors and is so unique.

Southbeach Flat by Oh Deer! $185
I just really like these because for some reason, I have an obsession with sequins/shiney stuff/metallic stuff right now and I think that these fit the bill perfectly.

Capri Thong by Oh Deer! $115
These too- for some odd reason they remind me of some cute shoes I used to have when I was little. But anyways- they come in white too but they didn't really show up in the pic (and you couldn't see the cute grommmets and stuff) so voilà the red pair.

Sorry to include two sandals from the same designer but whatever I think that they are both way adorable. And who knew that Oh Deer! made cute flat sandals? I always associate them with sky high heels that have red soles (à la Christian Loubotin- doubt I spelled that right) and anyways- I'm always on the lookout for flat shoes since I'm pretty tall and stuff. I've actually tried on a few pairs of Oh Deer!'s stilettos and surprisingly for all their height and sexiness, they are pretty comfortable. One of my friends bough the black patent strappy pair (
Oh Deer! Mae Heel $89- ON SALE AT URBAN OUTFITTERS!) because she is short and can pull it off pretty easily. Anyways- moving on sorry for my rambling.

Oh yes- by the way, summer reading list is in and
the required books are Life of Pi, The Adventures of Huckleberry Fin and Memoirs of a Geisha... anybody read them? Thoughts?

Happy summer everybody!!!! (or at least- happy almost summer for all of you who are unfortunately still stuck in school/college/whatever the hell everybody's doing now)!!!



Susana Daily said...

Happy summer :)

Little Miss Sunshine♥ said...

Oh.mi.gawd. I totally love the AKA New York dress. Where can you buy that? Oh, and your dress story is truly hilarious! Enjoy your trip :D

fashionista said...

omg your dress story is sooo funny. loved it. i like that juicy dress, LOVEE the AKA new york dress. great post- have fun in the islands... lucky. little miss sunshine, you can buy the AKA new york dress on, that's what it looks like to me.

Lexie said...

i read life of pi - it's genius. geisha drags on a bit, but the imagery is lovely.

Anonymous said...

omg! the forever 21 incident, gahh! there are not words for it, but i would've bitchslapped her, how rude of her...usually teen store employees are too chill and probably shoplift too so they don't even say you're anal, she's anal! definitely worth the rant!

love the empire waist dress, the pattern is gorgeous...

sucks you have summer reading, but here's the news:

the life of pi is very very slow in the beginning, you really do need to get through the first 100 pgs , which are mostly exposition, but it will become relavent as the novel progresses. it's fasinating actually, the concept is soo original! and be willing to suspend your disbelief at some points. let me know what you think of the ending, it's interesting...haha so yes, i did enjoy it, just be patient

huck finn....uhhh sorry to break it to you, but i hated it along with most of my english class. it's very hard to understand because of different dialects and it's just all very rambling, i was always thinking, ok twain i get the point, can we end it already! but some people really like the style of it and find it fun. not me though. hmm let me know how that goes.

haven't read memoirs, but i heard it was beautifully written! :)

rollergirl said...

Sweet colour-block dress. About the Missoni debacle...what a CHEEK! Like, they stole the idea for their dress from MIssoni and then accused you of stealing the dress from them. Forget it!

I read Memoirs of A Geisha. I really enjoyed it...

Cris Lazoru said...

That's so wrong about Forever 21!! It makes me so mad! But you should still be happy about your dress, knowing that you have the original not a knock off! My fave dress was the AKA, lovely. I read Memoirs Of A Geisha ages ago, even before the movie! But I can remember that I really liked it and I hope you do too! Have a fab time!


Lily Plume said...

happy summer...
it's crazy your story with this dress!

parisian cowboy said...

love that pic on top of your blog.

annabelle said...

happy summer, waiting for your next post!

Hannah Danger said...

I love the dresses in this post! I have got to find myself a summer dress that I can use all summer long and layer like crazy. Thanks for the inspiration :]

Memoirs is supposed to be good, and I love Huck Finn.

The Redheaded Bandit said...

i luv the dress from AKA New York, so cute. i read life of pi, it is extremely well written. read huck finn, it was enjoyable, but not my fave.

Lama Drama said...

great post - love the first shoes - have fun on the islands!

Carolina Lange said...

That story about the dress is so funny! Thnigs like that can happen!
Fantastic pics, love the first dress and also the Printed AKA dress, so beautiful!
Great post!

coco said...

im really into that Color Block Dress as well
it deffinately has something about it

Jessorz said...

ugh, that whole ordeal sounds horribly exhausting, not to mention annoying. if that happened to me, i have no idea what i'd do. demand compensation, maybe?

PS: the oh, deer! flats are adorable. i want to go run out and buy some!

Bella said...

Uhh Forever 21...they wouldnt know a chanel bag if you hit them upside the head with one...and no offense 4evr 21 can have really cheap cute stuff if you rummage around, but thats just retarded about you're dress...and I love the J.Crew wallet but come on 400 bucakroos for a coin purse that will hold like one quarter? give me a break...i love the clu dress i wanna wear it NOW!

Oh and about the books,read Memoirs of a Geisha first, it is AMAZING i love it, so much better then the movie...havent read pi...but huckleberry fin is hard to it on the plane when you've got nothing to do

have fun on the islands :D

Tru said...

Life of Pi is an AMAZING book. I lvoe that ruffled yellow tube top and that is horrible what happened to you...

Jennifer said...

Omigod I can't believe what happened to you at that store, that's horrible! I hate it when I have something on from that specific store and you have to tell the lady that it's your own and that you didn't steal it.

anyway I would have talked to her manager and gave her a dressing down.

everybody copies missoni these days it's not hard to find something similar, and it's not your fault forever 21 likes to rip everyone off!

Anonymous said...

I love love love missoni and dresses with the zigzag. I am so jealous. Have fun on your summer vacation!

Fashion Lolita said...

I can't believe that happened to you !

and the memoirs of a geisha wasn't that good as i thought it wouldd be.. or at least the beginnig was were boring .... or then it was just cause of that that i tried to read it in english , which isn't my native .

Mrs Fashion said...

What a nightmare!
You need a holiday to recover from the Forever 21 experience!
Mrs F x

Alison said...

that jcrew dress is hotness to the maximus
fab post!

Emma said...

love the yellow dress!

alluretone said...

i freaking love missoni. that was a funny story but i just really want to punch that lady in the face right now. she sounds like one of those extremely annoying store clerks that hover arond you b/c they always think you're stelaing something. anyways, i love the color block dres from chu.

Mash said...

your story about the dress was so funny , you made my day :) have a great vacations .

Fashionyou's Molly said...

LOVE the Color Block Dress-- so casual chic! Memoirs of the Geisha-what a book! Made me cry at the parts about the feet binding.

-S said...

have a great trip! and dont forget to scope out the local boys!

Ostentatious Style said...

Fell in love with the clutch! I'm really obsessed with metallics right now....

Kiera said...

Oh, that sucks! But, at least you showed her...haha. Very great choices, I love love love dreses by Clu and AKA New York! And, the tory Burch flats are so pretty! Really nice choices! Hope you have a nice vacay!


Moose on the Loose said...

Ahhh... So much to reply to.

1. The dress. YOU GOT MISSONI FOR $35???!!! That is the deal of a lifetime. Your story at Forever 21 is pretty funny but embarassing at the same time.

2. The red Oh Deer! sandals are the cutest things! I'm also in love with the white pair. Flat white sandals look so good with dresses in the summer.

3. I've read Life of Pi. It's really interesting. I remember it being a bit slow in the beginning but it gets sooooo good. It is an amazing book. Absolutely fabulous.

4. Have fun in the islands! Get a tan, but don't get cancer! :-) I just got back from my Italy/Greece trip and have some blog catching up to do. REMEMBER TO RELAX AND FORGET ABOUT SCHOOL!!

5. I like the new header.

Fashionista said...

Love the snakeskin clutch by Avignon...!

I've seen the movie of Memoirs of a Geisha, I loved it, all these people go around saying that although it's an authentic Chines story blablabla...that it's ruined because it't too 'Hollywood' now, I can't say I agree.

I'm dying to read the book, it's supposed to be even better than the movie!

fashionistakay said...

the juicy couture dress adorable. as for the books haven't read them but i have heard of both. which both happen to sound interesting.

L. said...

Sorry for the language but the SA was a bitch! I can't believe she forced you into the change room. I would have been really upset and offended. It also kind of taints a new dress when you wear it for the first time and something bad happens.

Hope you have a great holiday.

Anonymous said...

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