Monday, May 7, 2007

Wide-Leg Denim

Not really a new trend but I thought that I would do a post about it because a few of my friends have asked me tips on how to wear it. I've actually been experimenting with it and I really like the way the wide leg pants/jeans feel because I never have to worry about growing out of them and they feel so cool when I walk! I feel like I'm floating or gliding or something!

Celeb way:

My way:

The Jeans: I would go with a leg that isn't too overwhelming for your body type. If you're tall, you can go a bit bigger, but if you're petite, I'd go with a leg that isn't quite so wide. There are no rules behind this except to just go with the pair that feels the best and is most comfortable.

Aramus Wide Leg Jean by Notify $311

Sailor Jean by Grey Ant $253
To get in line with that whole new nautical theme this season...that will hopefully continue into fall and winter (hopefully???)

High Waisted Wide Leg Jean by Hudson $198

Orchid Wide Leg Jean by GoldSign $176

Lux Lightweight Denim Sailor Pant $68

The Tops: Go with a top that is both slimming and suitable for the occasion. Make sure that it isn't billowy though because the contrast looks good paired with the wide jeans. Anything from a nice blouse to a tee will work.

Viktor & Rolf Ruffle collar blouse $790

Misty Ruffle Neck 3/4 Sleeve Top by Ella Moss $111

Emmeline blouse by JCrew $78

Vena Cava for Glamour Limited Edition Tee by Splendid $68

Lux Polka Dot Tie Top $32

The Jackets: Depending on the shirt and style of pants, you can really go with any kind of jacket, cropped or regular. If you go with a cropped jacket, it will really lengthen your legs if you stick with heels while a longer jacket may have a more formal appeal to it.

Chloé Cropped Embroidered Jacket $1,800

Polka Dot Jacket by Alice + Olivia $330

Marc by Marc Jacobs Cropped Jacket $298

Cotton twill bib-front blazer by Banana Republic $88

Lux Short Sleeve Swing Jacket $68

The Shoes: Platform anyone? My suggestion would be to stick with high heels because flats or sandals will make your legs seem shorter and bigger while heels will make them taller.

Patent Platform by Marc by Marc Jacobs $495
Oh if only I could have these shoes...I want them so badly!! My favorites by far out of pretty much everything!

Lattitude Platform Sandal by KORS Shoes $210

Oh Deer! Mae Heel $125

Miss Sixty Peep Toe Slingback $180

Oh Deer! Metallic Heel $125

Belts: Almost Always a must with this style. In my opnion, the right belt really pulls the look together and finishes it off quite nicely. I just included one belt in here because, well are pretty basic and really depend on your budget and pair of jeans, but I will admit that I like this one quite a lot.

Patent Raffia Square Buckle Belt at Urban Outfitters $28

Just randomly looking online and I found these cute things... they're all pretty expensive for just a spending whim but I think that you could DIY for them and they're great for inspiration!

tiny dove necklace mixed by Adina $188

Rose Gold Maltese Cross Charmed Hoops by nathan&moe $173

Natural Rock Formation Necklace by Gara Danielle $207

Miguel Ases $290

Cutest towel ever!!

cape cod towel by Kate Spade $40



alexgirl said...

Awesome post. I love the first pair of jeans. They're cute. I like the J. Crew shirt too, and the yellow heels. Very cute. Thanks for the yummy fashion eye candy!

Jessorz said...

J Crew Top, GoldSign jeans, and Miss Sixty heels = Faves! Great post!

Frapp said...

I WANT those Marc Jacobs heels!

Carolina Lange said...

Great post! Love that the wide leg jeans do not have a waist that is too high. Love the hudson jeans. The tops are also so cute, specialy the blue one (blouse by JCrew). That Marc Jacobs white cropped jacked is amazing! The heels are all fantastic!
Your pics are great!

Tru said...

love that white shirt with the lacey trim by Splendid and you're right on with the shoe comment, wide leg pants demand heels

missx said...

I have a secret love of J. Crew. Definitely very chic and somewhat cheap, but on the down low. More expensive than H&M, but their stuff won't disintegrate after the first two times you wear it.

Anyway, I've been lusting after that Marc by Marc jacket forever! It's so so pretty. I must buy it!

Oh, and I can't pull off wide leg jeans/pants at all, so the whole point of this post was lost on me.

Dilemma said...

Is the last pair of pants from Urban Outfitters? Assuming they are, I actually own them and they are gorgeous. I spent all my Christmas money on them back in January.

Moose on the Loose said...

thanks so much for that. I have been wondering how to wear those pants. I'm gonna go buy some!

Hannah Danger said...

I adore this post, perhaps I'll go find wide-legs jeans though I must say I favor the skinny style right now, majorly. And I also want some bermudas and gauchos for the summertime, to slouch around in at the beach or somesuch.

That towel is my favorite! I saw it in some magazine, probably Seventeen, and I looove it!

-S said...

what a loooong post. anyways, i love the look of a wide legged pant, but not in jean. and i love love love the blue j crew shirt.

ashley heaton said...

thanks! the tights are from urban outfitters. i love the vena cava tee and marc platforms btw!

Emma said...

fab fab fab post. but your posts are always fab. and those clothes? love them ALL. except maybe i'm not crazy about wideleg, I like it more than tapered leg though.

The Redheaded Bandit said...

I love the pants that the lady in the first picture is wearing.They look great with the bag and belt. Completely color coordinated.

Lama Drama said...

great post...the pants are so the tiny dove necklace and all the jackets

L. said...

The Hudson jeans are unbelievably cool - the perfect blend of pant and jean. I also adore the Vena Cava shirt. Great finds.

Mrs Fashion said...

I want a Kate Spade tea-towel!!
(And of course the jeans, shoes and jewels are all yummy too...)
Mrs F x

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

i love the Emmeline blouse by JCrew it is so simple but lovely

Mash said...

I wasn't a big fan of skinny pants so I m totally in love with high-waisted wide leg trousers :) It's seems so comfortable ...and I love the Miss Sixty shoes <3

sara said...

I really like those Sailor Jean by Grey Ant, and the high waisted wide leg jean by hudson

and all the tops, belts, and shoes were great picks for the jeans

x sara o

great post

alluretone said...

i really love all the jackets you posted, they're all so adorable- esp the chloe, alice+olivia and marc by marc jacobs. and thoes kors shoes- i wanttt!

Anonymous said...

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