Tuesday, August 14, 2007

"Whoever said orange was the new pink is seriously disturbed" (Legally Blonde)

Well first off I am SO sorry that I haven't posted in over a week! So so horrible of me, especially after my long hiatus at camp and now this... I was just sooo caught up with tennis, summer reading, watching grey's re-runs and just doing nothing (my favorite thing to do) that I have been a terrible blogger! Sorry about that but I'm working on a handful of posts right now so there are more to come!

The ultimate pink-wearing queen: Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde (sorry, I just had to put the picture in here because I was watching the movie the other night with some friends and I had forgotten how good it was!)

So I don't know about you but I was having some serious issues trying to interpret the new pink trend for fall. I had absolutely NO idea how to pull it off! Anyways, I did some looking around online and I think I found some cute pink clothes/accessories that are wearable and then I gave some tips on how to pull it off. Enjoy!


I found these articles in teen vogue and lucky after I made the post. I thought I may just include them for kicks.

how to get in on the trend:

for the truly daring

Claybrooke collarless trench coat by Burberry, $1295, at net-a-porter
Perhaps my favorite thing by far. It's a shame that the price is just a tad over my limit but I can always dream... hehe. But I love the black buttons and the dark magenta color.

Rich & Skinny Leggy Jean, $176, at shopbop

Sparkle & Fade Shiny Leggings by Urban Outfitters, $24, at urban outfitters
Gosh well I may just worship you if you can pull these babies off. I most definitely could not but to all those daring fashionistas with enough fashion sense to make these look good, I will seriously hail you as my fashion savior.

for the trendy fashion addict

Revival Floral Tunic by Free People, $98, at free people
I really love the design at the bottom of this dress, gorgeous!!

Jeffrey Campbell Vivid Heel, $98, at urban outfitters

Clarice Wool Dress by Marc by Marc Jacobs, $358, at shopbop
Oh my goodness, probably my second favorite thing here. I love the cut and the keyhole at the top with the black accent button.

Moyna bag, $76, at moyna

Alexis Windbreaker by Forever 21, $22.80, at forever 21
cheap + chic= love it

Flared mini dress by Milly, $410, at net-a-porter
One of my other favorite things- loving the black accent bow at the top= complete genius!

for the subtle trendsetter

OPI nail color in Strawberry Margherita, $7.00, at OPI
Wearing this color right now and it is a pretty pink, especially for your toes.

Skinny Leather Belt by Miu Miu, $195, at net-a-porter
A fabulous belt to do over a brown sweater or a tunic.

Jersey Headband by Forever 21, $2.80, at forever 21

Egyptian cotton cardigan by Jcrew, $68, at jcrew

how to pull it all off:

It's really all about balancing out the color, subtle and dark hues work great.
If you're going to go with the classic pink dress, I'd suggest accessorizing with black tights and either black chunky heels or booties. Like these:

Sparkle & Fade Opaque Tights, $12, at urban outfitters

Kork-ease patent wedge, $158, at urban outfitters

Duplex boot by Steve Madden, $130, at steve madden

If you're going to go with the pants, I'd suggest doing a classic white shirt (button-down is an option) and a jean jacket and maybe pair it with a pair of booties like the ones above.

Classic jean jacket by Gap, $50, at gap

If you're going to go with the pink coat (trench or bomber) I'd suggest doing the classic black or navy trousers underneath with a button down and a sweater vest on top.

Solid deep V-neck vest by Jcrew, $59.50, at jcrew

City-fit lightweight wool twill wide-leg cuffed trouser by Jcrew, $148, at jcrew



Erwin said...

I love that Alexis windbreaker.

Erwin said...

I love that Alexis windbreaker.

miss fashion said...

you do not know how much i love this post! i love legally blonde- and the musical is great too!
can we exchange links? i totally love your blog! whenever im in doubt i will come back to this post because i am a total pink-aholic.
thanks for such awesome posts!

Gloria said...

great post; fuschia surely is such a great vibrant color for fall...

I love rich caramels for fall as well!

LML said...

awesome post! my mom is an artist so i never said the word pink when i was little it was always FUSCHIA lol
im loving your blog!

Belle said...

I really like the Windbreaker! and the bag is very sharpay from high school musical! I love your blog want to trade links?

pinup_girl said...

Elle Woods is my ultimate hero! Smart AND stylish, that's something to aspire to be! And now I can dress like her. Fabulous :]

Aisha said...

Not a fan of pink colour =/

But with all the nice pictures you posted i think i'll manage to find something pink =).

Anyways, I love the hot pink nail-polish, I want to try it (=, maybe i'll start with that.


Kat said...

Great post:-) Hot pink is such a difficult colour to wear, indeed tht goes for propably every shade of pink! Great suggestions and I love some of the pieces you picked, that Burberry coat is just the epitome of fabulous! The urban outfitters chunky sandals are very cool too. I bought hot pink tights recently, don't worry they're not shiny, but I actually can't wait to wear them, they'll liven up any outfit!

Anonymous said...

I WISH I could wear pink...It just makes me look ill. I *might* be able to pull off the nail polish, but I will probably have to skip over this tred.

Tru said...

I think for me, I'm going to channel the pink trend with a pair of high octane hot pink pumps

hannah said...

i hardly own any pink. so now i must go buy some of the marvelous stuff you posted.

alexgirl said...

Tres fabulous pink items!!!
I esp love Lily Allen & Chloe Sevigny's dresses. I would love a cute pink dress that wasn't OTT.

Great post, girl!

Carolina Lange said...

Your posts are allways fantstic! Great pics!
I love the pink Balenciaga jacket, so beautiful!

sara said...

great picks, and thanks a bunch for the advice.

x sara o

Cris Lazoru said...

Loved this post of course! My fave were the Balenciaga and Burberry jackets.


Anonymous said...

that was awesome! love that burberry coat and the marc jacobs dress, it looks fantastic w/ those tights!

Moose on the Loose said...

Wow that Burberry coat is sooo cute. I also love those skinny jeans.

Emma said...

J'aime the pink!

fashionista said...

i commented before! it was really long...and it didnt show up. ugh.
to sum up my lost comment,
that burberry trench is absolutely fabulous.
so are the jeans. and the marc by marc jacobs dress.

there you go.
awesome post. <3

The Stiletto Effect said...

the season i'm into dark colours (black and grey) but i like the malandrino dress/coat?, the karl lagerfeld gloves and the balenciaga blazer!

Eli said...

pink is so overstated sometimes, it takes a lot of guts to pull it off without having people think youre a sorority bimbo

coco said...

that is a lot of pink in one post hahah
i think elle in legally blonde took the look further than anyone before
i like pink in small amounts

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Jenni the fashion guru said...

I am in love with that Mui Mui leather belt, and that burberr trench coat. Simply Fab!

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