Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Vogue Inspired Post

In the back of June Vogue, there were a few featured models (namely Gemma Ward, Hilary Rhonda, Sasha Pivovarova, Raquel Zimmerman, Caroline Trentini and Coca Rocha. But where is Daria??) I really liked the article because they were asked questions about their travels and I thought it was really interesting.

Just a side note, there were a lot of other pictures and everything that were in the article but it would have just taken up wayy to much room in the post. but check them out because they are great pics.

And just to amuse, I thought I'd make one for myself and I included some of my favorite questions. I'm sorry if some of the pictures didn't turn out very well, it's cloudy today and I was trying to take pictures in my room!

While I'm on the subject of travelling, I was browsing through the May issue of Instyle (one of my favorite magazines) with Jennifer Garner on the cover and I came across this cute short article on carry-ons. It pretty much left me drooling over practically all the bags they featured (I mean give me that black Chanel bag). Well here is the article in case you wanted to read it (if you would like to read the text, just click on it and it'll enlarge itself).

My pick for a carry-on.

Summer Serge Day Bag by Boyy $335
I really like this one because a) you can carry it 2 ways: as a tote bag or as a messenger kind of bag across your chest (which is great when you are wheeling a lot of stuff) b) there is a zipper compartment at the bottom if you want to put your books or magazines in and c) looks very chic (navy + white anyone?).

My pick for a suitcase.

Longchamp 22" Wheelie Suitcase $262 at
Longchamp makes such nice handbags and suitcases! I love how all their stuff is made from nylon so it is water resistant it also has a ton of pockets!

Anyways, next topic...

So I was thinking about doing a new thing with posts on the weekend. I was going to feature a clothing item, an accessory of some sorts, a shoe and a picture for each week. Here it is. But I kind of need some feedback about whether you like it or not... (and I obviously added a few more things in each category since I may not be able to post in a while)

Week's clothing obsession:

Express Cotton Shorts $40
This are just so crazy cute! The zebra pattern in hot pink is so adorable and the gold detailing on it makes it even better!

Secrets of Charm Ingrid Dress $270

Rugby French Terry 3/4 Sleeve Top by Splendid $104

Lux Indio Embroidered Skirt $58

Week's accessory addiction:

Moyna Clutch $189

Glenda Shimmer Bangle at Urban Outfitters $16

Fulham Lattice Earrings $64

Week's shoe must have:

Shellys London Fiji Thong $40
Remind you of a similar Marc Jacobs line??

Oh Deer! Santorini Flat $125

Faryl Robin Joy $149

Week's best photo:

ah Daria... haha

Week's Best Dressed:

Jessica Alba

Charlize Theron

Hillary Duff

Nicole Richie

Emily Blunt

Finally, last thing I promise. Does anyone else think that the metallic trend for nails is cool? Because I really can't decide... too star trek or neutral and pretty?

OK, so this is going to be my last post for a while (actually precisely about a month) because I am going away to camp for pretty much all of July. So unfortunately, no posting for me and I'm not going to be able to return comments! Sorry that it's been kind of back to back vacations... but I'm not going to leave you guys with nothing to read so hopefully this monstrous post that will last the whole month. Well I hope so at least because I spent a long time on it! Happy July, talk to you in August! (or rather blog with you)



Jennifer said...

Biggest post ever hahhaha!
I love what nicole was wearing she's never looked more glam or amazing. That yellow dress, the last pic I would kill for ;)

Alison said...

Whoa that post was fab <3
and nichole richie's dress is prettty

Fashion Lolita said...

thank you from linking me ! <3
I love your red flats ! so pretty !

and have fun at the camp !

juliet xxx

rollergirl said...

Cute post, have fun!

the lipstick lady said...

i love your boots and that cashmere hoodie, it makes me feel so warm just looking at it... have fun!

Carolina Lange said...

Love your hoodie cashmere! Fantastic post!!! Daria looks amazing in that picture!
Hope you have a great july!

Anonymous said...

love your traveling outfit, chic and comfy! Have fun at camp!

Izzy said...

OHHH!Do i want thoes shorts. The silver nail polist is darling on one of my friends but i guess it's different on every skin tone.
Have fun at camp!

Moose on the Loose said...

Have fun on your trip! I love the spread that you made. It was really cute. I love your Lacoste trench coat and the cashmere hoodie. I've been thinking about getting one of those from J.Crew in a bright color, beige, or white.
I won't be able to blog for awhile either. I'm on vacation right now in St. Louis. It's just too too busy right now to put together a post. So, I just read and reply to other people's blogs!
Have a good time at camp! Don't get lice! Sing around the campfire and eat smores!

alexgirl said...

ohmygod! what an amazing post. I am practically drooling over here. You have fantastic taste.
As for the nail polish... I can't decide. but it might border on tacky, unless you can pull it off. And by the looks of it, you can pull it off!
Have a fantabulous vacay. I'm so jealous!!! Take pics.

alexgirl said...

ps- your ceiling mounting idea is wicked!! i just might have to try that. THANKS!

The Stiletto Effect said...

love this post and your idea to create your own questions about the travels!
have fun

discothequechic said...

Ooh, I like this post- esp the pages from Vogue. It makes me want to go and pack for my holiday NOW.

..even though I hate packing.

S xx

Shewriteswithphotography said...

Like this post! About 2 weeks im going to pack for my holiday yeah :D haha. Ive tagged you also (A).

fashionista said...

i love this post!! its so long!!! *giddy clapping*

Fabi said...

nice post!!! looved allt he pictures and your picks!! and what a gorgeous yellow dress (last pic).
have fun at camp!!!!

Emily ♥ said...

What a long post! love everything.

Emily ♥ said...

P.S. I just bought silver-metallic nail polish. I love the look! : )

The Redheaded Bandit said...

i luv the carry on

Bella said...

Yeah that post was like harmonguous!! lol....I LOVED the model travel thingy it was so fun to read and I put the pics up in my room and anyways I really love your red pretty...ill miss the blog this month but have fun @ camp :)))

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

kl post i love the model thingy that was kl i also loved ur one. And i loved all of the flat sandels i really must get some and i loved the clutch and the skirts
have fun at camp!
oh yeah and the pic of daira i loved to

Mrs Fashion said...

Love love love your 'Vogue' pages - you're a style icon already! And re the new posts... I would just pick one shoe, one best-dressed etc but thanks for giving us lots of look at while you're gone! Have fun - and see you in a month!
Mrs F x

Tru said...

wonderful post..I liked the travel feature in the Teen Vogue issue as well

-S said...

have fun camping!
and i think some of the models featured in the vogue article had no reason to be there. raquel? hilary? old news.

Anonymous said...

wow i really liked this post!

-trenches are amazing, i finally found two (!!), and plan to only take them on my travels
-i've been looking for a good coral necklace, love yours, gorgeous color!
-those flats are great, love the color again, and the cuts in the front
-ipods are a necessity, as is philipa gregory, love that book!
-who doesn't want to go to australia!?
-that bag you suggested is super cute, i like how functional the strap can be, but it is white...
- i adore the new feature, those shorts are crazy, but fantastic!
-pretty earrings!
- emily blunt looks fabulous as usual, she wears those skin-tight dresses well
-and i'm actually like alba and duff, i usually can't stand those two

wow, your longest post and my longest comment :)


coco said...

i love this weeks best photo
i had to save it
and those red flats of yours are to die for
simple but so pretty

pinup_girl said...

LONG POST! But I loved it, you're very creative :]

Kiera said...

Wow, that's a lot of stuff. Plus, I basically love everything. This month's Vogue really does have great articles. Very cool home-made magazine, I love the red flats, the Kooba bag, and Lacoste coat! The Secrets of Charm Ingrid Dress is amazing! And I love love love the Santorini flats. Very cute post!! Have a fantastic summerrr!


juana said...

Charlize Theron and Emily Blunt are looking gorgeous. Those bags were simply stunning and even the shoes looks fresh!

ashley heaton said...

i loved that article (and yours, haha!)...gemma and sasha's picks are my favorite, they have great style.

Lama Drama said...

i love it all! and metallic nails are IN! that color was simply fabulous! and i loveee love love that urban bangle!

sara said...

Yeah, that was a good section in VOGUE.
Wow, I love those boots, I need to get a pair of flat boots.

Very neat thing you did about your self.

The Stiletto Effect said...

hi again :)

i've just posted an article on my blog about: "Are bloggers becoming the new celebs?"

Maybe you want to check it out and give your opinion!

thx :)

The Redheaded Bandit said...

hey, luv the pink shorts.

juana said...

Hi...Its been a long time since posted. Whats the matter everything alright?

Mash said...

metallic for nails is pretty cool , I bought chanel one and I love it .

London Fashion Girl said...

love the blog.

wanna trade links??

fashionistakay said...

I am in desperate need of that turquoise necklace of yours!!!!!!!!So cute.Love turquoise the color and jewelry.

alluretone said...

oh the yellow dress is fabbb.

Alison said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MzCoko said...

That yellow dress is hot!! and Hillary Duff's dress is amazing.. gotta have it.

Emma said...

Fabu post as usual, daaahling.

Carolina Lange said...

Hope you get back soon!

Cris Lazoru said...

Loved the post! Have fun and see you soon!


Gloria said...

I have to say you have quite a nice collection of clothes!

love how you did comic book textboxes. ;)

miss fashion said...

the dress nicole is wearing is really pretty. i saw it in bergdorfs and i almost died when i saw it- it was gorgous!
and the yellow dress from teen vogue is awesome. anne hathaway is wearing the same one on the cover of the latest teen vogue-
i love it all!

Candid Cool said...

The black & white Kate Spade is incredibly chic

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