Sunday, October 21, 2007


I raided the online closet of net-a-porter and found these absolutely drool worthy things... enjoy! (my favorites would have to be the miu miu pumps, the marni tote and the anna sui dress... :-)

Jeweled heel pumps $650 by Miu Miu

Patent leather coat by Burberry Prorsum, $5,225

Organza cocktail dress by Anna Sui, $1,305

Mesh balloon style tote $1,368 by Marni

Hooded cable knit cardigan, $1,525.00, by Chloé

Cashmere school scarf, $430, by Johnstons

Patent finish clutch $695 by Stella McCartney

Melisandre leather boots $1,520 by Christian Louboutin

Embroidered silk dress by Oscar de la Renta, $3,950

Ramona metallic leather bag $3,500 by Jimmy Choo

Large stone bracelet $1,021 by Missoni

Lady Gres pumps, $865, by Christian Louboutin

well bloggers... i have decided to take a little hiatus from blogging. i know it's really horrible of me to do this because i haven't been updating at all lately and no returning of comments... gah it really has been bad hasn't it?? i just need a little time off... between school and tennis i just have had zero time whatsoever and it is just a little vacation i guess. so to that end i don't know how long this break is going to be, a few weeks, a month... but don't worry i'll definitely be back with a bang! so ciao bellas, at least for now :-)



fashionista said...

ohh wow net-a-porter is my drug.

i love the anna sui dress,
the marni tote (oh gorgeous)
chloe sweater
the scarf!
EVERYTHING. and the odlr dress is fabulous.

NOOO HIATUS!!! oh well...we'll miss you!

Carolina Lange said...

I love net-a-porter!
Your pics are great! Love the Miu Miu pumps and the hooded Chloe cardigan!
Come back soon, we'll miss you!

Moose on the Loose said...

Oh my goodness! I cannot believe you are 'taking a hiatus'. That is so ridiculous. Whose fashion know how will I turn to in my periods of darkness not knowing what to wear when I go out on Saturday night? Who, tell me, who? That is to say, I will miss your blog greatly while you are hiatus-ing. ;-)

Your post was awesome. Everything caused me to drool (figuratively) for the unlimited luxury that is net-a-porter. I can totally see myself in that fab Chloe sweater with that Stella Mccartney clutch. sigh......

hannah said...

im in love with every item.

i guess i just need to marry rich. haha.

Jessorz said...

This reminds me, I need to get a new sweater before winter.

And those Louboutin boots are to DIE for. ohmygosh.

I'm going to agree with Hannah and make sure my husband has LOTS of money. hahah.

good luck with your hiatus! can't wait to see your next post!

Emma said...

man, that stuff is fab. can't wait till you're back!

LML said...

love the oscar de la renta dress - very funky audrey! looking forward to your next post :)

The Redheaded Bandit said...

i luuuuvvvvvv the oscar de la ranta dress as well as the miu miu pumps and anna sui dress. my favorite has to be the oscar de la renta tho. AWESOMe post!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Just wanted to let you know about this great contest


Anonymous said...

love the stella clutch!

hope to hear from you soon, but enjoy your time off

Lady N said...

I love Net-a-Porter! Great finds! :)


ooh..that Oscar de la Renta dress is MEGA GORGEOUS..Love it! love the blog 2! xchange links?

nikki said...

all of the things in this post are incredible! i love the hot pink oscar de la renta dress= gorgeous!

since you are such a fashion guru, i need some help. i bought some white leather wedges for a party a few months ago that went great with my dress. now, im not so sure what to wear them with. any thoughts? thanks! also, do you believe in the 'no white shoes after labor day' rule? haha. thanks again!

The Redheaded Bandit said...

i really think u shud cum bak now!

Cris Lazoru said...

I love the red pumps!
Come back,


The Clothes Horse said...

that marni tote shall haunt and taunt me...

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