Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Target Chic

So I went to Target the other day with a few of my friends and I was so excited to see that Rafé has done a handbag line for Target. those bags were so cute! I want them all... I have a few of his nice handbags that I inherited from my mom and I was comparing them last night- the ones from Target are made so nicely, I know, not nearly as nice as his line but he paid such good attention to detail in these bags (i.e. plenty of interior pouches and zipper compartments). So being a complete handbag fanatic I had to make a post about it! Here are some cute ones...

Zip Duffel Hobo $49.99

Embroidered Straw Clutch $29.99
And the great thing about this is that the little beaded strap is also removable so you can wear it as a petite shoulder bag or a clutch...whichever you choose. Also it has a really cool way of opening up- sorry to leave you guys hanging but I couldn't really describe it.

Printed Straw Basket Bag $39.99

Just some cute other things...well it actually kind of turned into a really casual outfit combination but whatever.

Linen Shirt Tunic by Splendid $144

Washed linen cuffed short by Jcrew $58
I just bought a pair of these- they are so comfortable! They are made out of a really great fabric and come in a lot of other colors. They also have that really cute little bow on the front!

Hemp flip flops by Rainbow Sandals $35
Ok so maybe not so fabulous shoes but I love these flip flops! The more you wear them, the more comfortable they become! And if you're not into hemp (I'm not really either but this is the only picture I could find online) they make them in suede and leather, both of which are equally as comfortable.

however if you're not into the flip flops. here is another pair of shoes i thought would look cute.

Encinitas Cross Skimmer $38

not a part of the outfit but I really like this as a beach cover up or maybe dressed up under a cute cardigan.

Striped Dress by C&C California $84



Eliana said...

I like the second Rafe bag...the embroidery was very pretty. But those basics (while beautifully tailored) are so overpriced! Oh my gosh! You could so sew (haha) or buy thrift the same exact clothing for a tenth of the price...

Eliana said...
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coco said...

ive never been to target but im always interested to see their clothes
interesting post

F.M. said...

Too bad I'm not stateside... there's no Target in Canada!

Frapp said...

The top and shorts are very cute...pretty for Summer!

Tru said...

love the shorts, the gold snadels and the second bag

Fashionyou's Molly said...

Hey. Thanks for signing.. i know what you mean about Lily Allen. Shes a big hit over here in england & all, but seriously, she hardly qualifies as stylish? Trainers and prom dresses? I mean, come on!
I love the 1st bag, so chic.

Carolina Lange said...

Rafe's bags are so cute! And I love that dress, so cute and confortable!

-S said...

love love love target. and those gold sandals? LOVE!

sara said...

Those bags are really cute and I love those skimmers!!

Model Citzen said...

I love the detailing in his work. I just went to Henri Bendels yesterday and saw some of his line there...love it! He actually has a blog. I don't remember the exact link, but it's on my "bloggeratti" links on my page. he's extremely talented.

lauren said...

That C&C California dress lokes so comfy! I would love to wear that on a lazy summer day.

Rafe Totengco said...

thanks for posting about my line in Target. it's been getting a great response. to Eliana: good luck trying to make a bag from scratch and for a tenth of the price. people don't have a clue how complicated it is actually. moving right along. thanks for writing about me. fyi, my collection for Target ends this July.

Candid Cool said...

Those Rafe bags for Target were pretty cool

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