Saturday, September 29, 2007

What I love right now...

ok again, sorry for not posting in a week. gah I've been such a bad blogger. but this time around I kind of have an excuse- I sprained my ankle pretty bad playing tennis so for the past like 4 days I haven't been able to move that well... but anyways, voila the post. enjoy!

Gossip Girl...
Addicting new show... as I knew it'd be. But I'm always dying to know what happens next :-)

Dorado Riding Boot by Frye, $458, at shopbop
Oh my god these boots are amazing. They're so chic and I just can' t get enough of their color, the lovely buckles and the stitching.

Volcom Party Hardy Dress, $62, at urban outfitters
What a lovely way to bring in winter than with a dress that screams winter white dress chic? The print on it is adorable too.

Country villa locket necklace $50, at jcrew
Cute and simple necklace with a beautiful design.

the ipod touch, buy at
already on my christmas list...'s coverage of fashion week
praise god to for their oh so lovely fashion week coverage. I love the sartorialist photos, the runway shots (think details shots!!) and finally my fave, the backstage photos.

Philippa Gregory's The Boleyn Inheritance, buy at amazon
gah my current reading material. love the author and this book is absolutely AMAZING! it makes ready historical fiction so much fun! I'd definitely recommend any of her books (as a side note- the other boleyn girl is being made into a movie coming out in feb. with scarlette johansson and natalie portman! yay can't wait!)

Lots of love,


Moose on the Loose said...

Gossip Girl was awesome. It exceeded my already high expectations. The iPod touch is really cool too. Loved the post!

I hope your ankle gets better! I hope it won't hurt too much! :-(

fashionista said...

i am so addicted to gossip girl, it's not even funny. i love those frye boots. fabulous. and the volcom dress is also adorable. so sorry about your ankle! =[

LML said...

i just loved everything you posted about - eVERYTHING!

and gossip girl is like my new fav show!

-S said...

gossip girl, damn you for messing up the books. perhaps if i didnt read the entire series i could enjoy it, but the things they changed drive me mad, so i have stopped watching.

Belle said...

I love Gossip Girl. The only problem is that I'm not home when its on, so i have been taping them or watching it on Youtube. :D Hope your ankel gets better.

Anonymous said...

ooo gossip girl i love it already- some of it is really accurate in comparison to the books and some of it involves major plot twists, but they're oh so intriguing, awesome! and the clothes and music are great as always!

love the locket, very unique design

i like boleyn girl better, but you're right obviously people were having sex throughout history, but no one ever discusses it, except gregory, props to her haha, it makes it all so fascinating

Kiera said...

Oh gosh, I'm in love with Gossip Girl! It's like junk food, it's a bit on the dumb side, but in a fun way! Cute boots! Very sophisitcated. And the dress, so sweet. Volcom makes dresses? I really didn't know that. And, I didn't expect them to be that cute! I love lockets, and this one is fabulous! ipod of my dreams...of course. Never heard of "The Boleyn Inheritance", but I'll pick it up!

Fun post!


Flashy_Shades said...

i loved the other bolyn girl, i will have to look into this new book! thanks for the tip

The Redheaded Bandit said...

i ordered an ipod touch (16gb). itz gonna take 4-ever to get here!!!!! like the end of October (the latest). any way. i won't sleep 2nite b/c i saw those boots somewhere, & i can't remember where!!!!! great post!!!

Fabi said...

can't wait for gossp girl to air down here (we get things pretty late)! and I love the necklace w/ locket!! <3

Anonymous said...

Great post, and thanks for the heads up on the fashion week coverage. For a UK slant, check out Love the blog, hope your ankle heals ok!

coco said...

I'm a little dissapointed in gossip girl
i knew it woulf never vbe as good as the books but it seems to be a little cheesy on screen

BELLE said...

omg I have those boots! they are amazing! so comfortable!!!


Cris Lazoru said...

Loved the post! Great, I'm in love with Gossip Girl because I don't compare it with the books I just love it as it is. And those boots are divine!


Lizy said...

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