Saturday, September 1, 2007

Shopaholic's Back to School Shopping List

So I know that it is a complete cliché to go 'back to school shopping' and I don't really but I just go on several excursions in late august/ early september and just kind of collect some things. So anyways, here is a post about what I really need to get...

(p.s. as one of my friends pointed out that I probably should explain, I consider back to school time period like september/october and everything beyond that is pretty much winter. yeah I know it's kind of weird but where I live, we have really distinct fall/winter and therefore it requires different dress! whoa that was a much longer than necessary explanation but whatever)

another thing, just so you all know, my fall wardrobe pretty much consists of pants/skirts, flats and cardigans. And looking back on it, I really repeated practically everything (so sorry for not being original).

fall 2007 rtw runway inspiration

Marc by Marc Jacobs
The grey cocoon coat, the ribbed tights, the envelope bag, the velvet pumps, the gloves!!

Burberry Prosum
The hourglass shape, opaque tights, patent leather (!!!), the charcoal t-shirt dress!!

photos credited to

the goods

Kilty Moccasin by Minnetonka, $38, at urban outfitters
So who doesn't love them, and at that price??

Rich Boot Cut Jean by Rich & Skinny, $190, at shopbop
Love this brand! Even though they are a bit on the pricey side, they are still my faves.

American Apparel T-shirts, $22, at american apparel
I practically live my life in these things, like no joke. They are so comfortable and perfect for layering. Plus they come in a ton of colors to choose from.

Borealis First Ascent Backpack by North Face, $75, at north face
So to any of you who can deal with having a tote/shoulder bag to carry your books in, you are way to cool because a prep school nerd like me could never do that (like EVER!) but anyways, I like to accent it with a cute bright monogram and a funky printed scarf.

Vintage-print merino boatneck sweater dress by Jcrew, $160, at jcrew
I saw this online and I had to go buy it- I mean isn't it just adorable?? The print is awesome and would look perfect for fall winter or even spring.

Fulham Elephant Bracelet Set, $95, at ravin style
What an awesome, funky set of bangles. I love the wirewrapping and the cute dangly elephant is a major plus too

Luxurious Cashmere and Silk Scarf by Chan Luu, $195, at chan luu
eek I kind of splurged on this one the other day. I really just couldn't resist- it is so soft and just gorgeous. It looks awesome no matter how you wear it.

Cowl Cardigan by Vince, $295, at shopbop
Another thing I kind of splurged on... but it is so gorgeous! I love it so much and can't wait to wear it!

Calvin Klein "Luxe Nappa" Flight Bag, $218, at macy's
Oh my gosh I have to have this bag! The grey color is awesome and the shape is great. I think it would be perfect for travelling but also amazing for running errands and going out. If you'd like to liven up the classic vibe- tie a funky printed scarf around one of the handles for a unique touch

Veronica Slouch Boot by Frye, $298, at shopbop
Love this pair of boots, I got a pair for my birthday last year and I love them- they are so comfortable!

Fleece Pea Coat by Seaton, $198, at shopbop
Loving the pea coats right now (check out jcrew for awesome basic ones) and this one is perfect for fall with the fleece liner.

Boot Cut Corduroy Pant by Seven Jeans, $165, at shopbop
Another great pair of corduory's for when it gets a little colder.

Cowl neck mini dress by Tibi, $355, at net-a-porter
An awesome funky printed dress that you can either dress up or dress down. For the day I'd layer it with a black tee, ribbed tights, frye boots (above), and a long coat. Then for night I'd dress it up with a pair of patent pumps and a cream wrap sweater.

Lux Swing Cardigan Sweater, $58, at urban outfitters
Loving the knits right now- they're so versatile. And this is the perfect cardigan and an awesome price too.

Suri Flat by Calvin Klein, $98, at macy's
Own them. love them to death. I adore flats to begin with and the new embellished trend works awesome with fall's more muted colors.

what else on my list:

  • 1. Lots and lots of tights from hue
  • . Love them- this year I'll be picking up on the ribbed ones in every color.
  • 2. An pair of oxford booties. Preferably in patent... I'm thinking à la Christian Loubotin. But unfortunately $695 is a tad high for me.

  • 3. The ultimate corduory fall shorts from jcrew

  • 4. The grandpa sweater. I'm thinking vintage but if not possible, this one
  • from urban outfitters works perfect for me.
  • 5. The entire collection of... Alice Temperley for target
  • ... and Vera Wang for kohl's.


    p.s. so I started school this week (technically this post is a few days late but I spent a longgg time deleting, adding and just pretty much perfecting the whole thing) and thus I am up to my ears in work! with tennis practices too it's been a hellish week and until I get back in the routine, posts are probably going to be really infrequent. I'm thinking once or (maybe) twice a week. just wanting to give you guys the heads up.


    Belle said...

    OMG i love that Cowl Cardigan its soo cute. I want one! it looks soo warm. I want everything on your list, but i really want that cardigan! lol :P

    LML said...

    love the jcrew dress and CK bag!
    i really like all your picks!
    and yes i am coveting the Alice Temperley and Vera collections as well!

    fashionista said...

    you do not know how much i drool over rich & skinny- all of their jeans are amaaaazing. and that sweater dress from j.crew? gorgeous. cowl cardigan= fabulous. so is the fleece peacoat.

    ack! i love this post!

    The Redheaded Bandit said...

    i luv the pea coat and cords!!!

    The Redheaded Bandit said...

    by the way, i can't wait for vera wang's clothing for kohls comes out (i think sep 9). oh yeah and i like the whole post!

    Carolina Lange said...

    Great pics! I love that Suri Flat by Calvin Klein, so beuatiful! And that line Vera Wang is selling at Kohl's is amazing!

    hannah said...

    oh my goodness. i love it all! great post.

    Trendini said...

    i am loving the urban outfitters mocassins! breat blog by the way...just discovered it!!

    sara said...

    I started school the second week of August, and I am too so busy with school work, and cross country practices.

    Great items to have, all of them! And I am in love with that elephant bracelet and Grandpa sweaters have been a favorite of mine forever!

    x sara o

    The shins are really great

    Cris Lazoru said...

    I loved all the Calvin Klein stuff, so cute! And I want to give you a Rockin' Blogger Award, the details are on my blog!


    alluretone said...

    i loveeee the burberry collection- i could live in it for the whole season!

    coco said...

    wow that elephant bracelt is so pretty
    i really want one now hahaha
    and those jeans are really nice too

    Flashy_Shades said...

    i have to have that vince sweater! it. will. be. mine.

    Aisha said...

    those Elephant Bracelets are gorgeous =).

    We don't have rich and skinny jeans here =(, but I've seen them online and they have a pretty rad collection!


    Anonymous said...

    nice list, definitely all very functional and fashionable :) love the j crew dress

    The Stiletto Effect said...

    I love the coat in the first picture and also the Suri Flat by Calvin Klein and the booties :)

    Delilah said...

    I love all of the clothes you picked.I hope school gets better for ya!

    Angelina said...

    Love all those clothes you picked!! Good luck with school =).


    Fashionyou's Molly said...

    Haha! I wish i didnt have to wear UNIFORM! God i hate it!
    Anyways, i do love those shoe boots, i recently bought like an identical pair and i wear them soo much! Also love the bracelets, so chic =]

    Gloria said...

    great post, i'm totally digging the colors!

    Mrs Fashion said...

    Loving your catwalk inspirations!

    Moose on the Loose said...

    I love all those shoes you picked out! Hope school is going well for ya!

    BELLE said...

    omg i have that vince cowlneck sweater! i love it. hopefully it will get colder soon so i can actually wear it! luv ur blog btw!

    alexgirl said...

    OMG! I love it all. I don't even know where to begin. The first jacket is gorgeous, and those patent oxfords... Yummy. I love ALL the sweaters. Sadly, it is really starting to be sweater weather. Sigh.

    Moose on the Loose said...


    Anonymous said...

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