Thursday, May 3, 2007

It seems as if P&G may be getting inspired...

So I was looking online the other day and I came across these Juicy Couture flats...well I am like 99% sure that they took the idea of having the medallion on the toe from Tory Burch's line of footwear. Which I am a little- hm- how shall I say it? miffed? Because the Tory Burch ones are way cuter and for the most part less expensive (and she should have like had a patent put on the things because now everyone is copying the idea of having the elastic-backed flat for fall) Check it out- see the similarity?

Parker Flat by Juicy Couture $250
And don't think I'm trying to be mean but in my opinion, they put the little gold thingy way too far away from the toe. I mean it may look way different when it's actually on someone's foot but it does look quite awkward and a little off center in this picture don't you think?

Reva Flat by Tory Burch $195
Much better in all aspects.

Just as a side note- while I was looking on the Tory Burch website ( I saw this cool new addition to her line of flats! And since I am such a big fan I really wanted to post them!

Glitter Infused Reva Ballet Flat $275
Hmm...I don't know quite what to say about these except that they are very festive.

Just as a side note- I thought I'd just include a few of my favorite looks from her Spring 2007 and Fall/Winter 2007 show because I was just so impressed by them!

Spring 2007:

So sad but for some reason I could only bring myself to post one outfit from her fall/winter show. Even though all the clothes were absolutely gorgeous and you totally need to check out the collection at, I really just can't even think about fall clothes because that means it's going to get cold again and I am such a fan of warm weather and going to the beach and being able to wear tank tops and shorts and skirts and...well you get the picture.

However this outfit does look quite nice. I am absolutely lusting after that camel coat paired with those boots...

And I was just looking online the other day and I found this adorable (if not overpriced) little clutchy thingy that I think is absolutely adorable! I probably will not be purchasing this one but I plan on looking out for a similar one in the future!

Mimi Small Cinched Satchel by Kooba $295
But aren't you just loving the metallic detail and everything on it?


Carmen said...
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coco said...

they are incrediably similar
great post
i adore your blog

dusk&summer said...

tht blue and white dress is excellent

Tru said...

love the outfit from her fall show and I agree tory's flats are way way better and the gold thing is tooo far back on the juicy ones

fashionista said...

i was actually thinking that same thing the other day when i saw those...tory burch's are MUCH better. and the gold thing IS too far...this entire post is true.

Mrs Fashion said...

Hmm - spot the difference?! And I neeeed that camel coat. Sigh - great pick!
Mrs F x

Emma said...

I don't love the Tory Burch that much. I have to admit it. But the Kooba bag- LOVE.

Carolina Lange said...

Yes, the shoes are really similar! I love the spring outfits you posted, great picks!
And that camel coat is fantastic!

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

i love the pic with the camel coat

-S said...

i must say, i do not like the juicy flats, but then again, i'm not much a fan of the tory burch ones either... but i do love her shows though

alluretone said...

haha i like how the juicy couture ones are more pricy than the tory ones. i'm not a big fan of them anyways, but i do love her collection. the coat and the boots from her fall collection are perfection, i'm loving the yellow and the red outfit from her spring collection as well

Frapp said...

Those flats are definitely copied...they haven't even tried to change the design! They've basically only changed the colour (and the pricetag)

Hannah Danger said...

I do love all of the clothes in this post... great blog.

Alison said...

the tori flats are GORGEOUS
I want.

Jessorz said...

They are VERY similar. I did a post a while back about Steve Madden's copycat of Tori's design, which looks much more similar to it than the Juicy Couture ones.

And I'm in love with ALL of those looks, especially the spring ones - so colorful!

sara said...

I like the Tory ones better, and Payless has a copy of those flats too, but of course WAY cheaper.
all of the clothes seem very wearable, which I love!
The bag seems like a good bring any where bag

x sara o

Hannah Danger said...

Thanks for all that =]
I envy you the John Mayer tickets!!

And thanks for the linkage, forsure. Check oiut Hel-Looks, it's a mad amazing site!

Moose on the Loose said...

The nerve of Juicy! Tory Burch's shoes don't need to prove themselves. Everyone knows that they're way cuter and that the buckle is on the right spot. fab post.

Lama Drama said...

I have the Tory Burch flats and i think the juicy ones are ugly...

Mash said...

I LOVE the Glitter flat of Tory Burch <3

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